Neuroscience Courses at York

There are many courses in and across the Departments of Psychology, Kinesiology and Health Sciences, and Biology with strong neuroscience content at the graduate and undergraduate level. These courses are not requirements or pre-requisites for acceptance into the Neuroscience Diploma program; however, they are available for students within the Neuroscience Diploma Program and for students who may wish to take the program in the future.

The following is a partial list from the departments of Psychology, Biology, and Kinesiology and Health Sciences. This is not a complete list. There may be other courses at this time from these and other departments that are also relevant.

Neuroscience Courses for Graduate Students

For graduate students interested in taking graduate courses with neuroscience content

BPHS 5800 Cellular Electrodynamics
KAHS 6150   Brain Mechanisms of Movement in Health and Disease
KAHS 6152   Shaping Action: The Role of Sensory Information in Motor Learning
KAHS 6153   Brain and Behavior: Cognitive Systems
KAHS 6154   Neurobiology of Human Disease
KAHS 6155   Fundamentals of Neuroscience I *
PSYC 6252   Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC 6253   Fundamentals of Neuroscience II *
PSYC 6256   Principles of Neural Encoding
PSYC 6260   Spatially Coordinated Behavior
PSYC 6276   Vision Health and Visual Disability

Note: that these courses are only open to Neuroscience Graduate Diploma Program students.

Neuroscience Courses for Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate students interested in taking undergraduate courses with neuroscience content.

BIOL 3060   Animal Physiology I
BIOL 4370   Neurobiology

BIOL 4380  Systems Neuroscience
BPHS 3090 Biophysics
BPHS 4080 Cellular Electrodynamics
BPHS 4310 Biophysics Research Project
PSYC 2240  Biological Bases of Behaviour
PSYC 3250  Neural Basis of Behaviour
PSYC 3495 Neuroscience of Aging & Cognitive Health
PSYC 4380  Rhythms of the Brain
PSYC 4080  Neuropsychology of Abnormal Behaviour
KINE 3650   Functional Neuroanatomy
KINE 3670   Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience with Applications to Health
KINE 4210   Disorders of Visual Cognition
KINE 4230   Neuronal Development for Activity and Health
KINE 4500   Neural Control of Movement
KINE 4505   Neurophysiology of Movement in Health and Disease
KINE 4225   Principles of neuromotor learning